Tips to Get a Visa to China

There’s no question that acquiring a Visa to travel to China can be a daunting task. While a person can use services such as visa to china, there are still some “hoops” to jump through and things to understand. The good news is, there are also some tips that can help with this process. Using the tips here will help ensure getting a Visa to travel to China isn’t as difficult or tedious as a person thinks it may be.

Don’t Hand Write the Application

It’s important that a person doesn’t try to hand write their Visa application. This is a huge – yet common – mistake. Instead, fill out the paperwork on the computer. If a person does try to hand write the application, there’s a good chance they will be told to re-do the entire thing.

Use All Caps When Filling Out the Form

While there are several varying points on this topic, it’s better to go ahead and do this and be safe, rather than being sorry when a person is trying to travel to China. At the top of the form, a person will see the instructions that outline they should answer all questions in “capital English letters.” Be sure to follow directions and do this.

Fill in Empty Boxes

In the instructions on a Chinese Visa form, it’s outlined that a person should type “N/A” or “none” in boxes that don’t apply to the person filling out the form. An example of this would be for space 1.2 where it asks for the applicants “Name in Chinese.” If the person isn’t originally from Chinese, then they would put “N/A” or “none” in this space.

Acquire the Necessary Documents

This is a huge mistake that is made when filling out these forms, and one that will cost an applicant. When taking the paperwork to the consulate, it’s important to have the other required forms. If a person doesn’t know what’s required, they need to find out before turning in the application.

The tips here will help anyone properly fill out a Chinese Visa application. Be sure to keep the information here in mind when doing this.

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